Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life Changes my Plans!

So sometimes life makes different plans for you than what you had. Our new dresser will be out this week. (Fingers crossed)(Sorry it's late) I know you will like the special touches and details that have gone into our new dresser. Lots of work but worth the work to see an idea move forward.

I am also working on a kitchen cabinet redo. Going very slowly as to make sure I do it right. There are lots of opinions out there on how to do cabinets that I have learned from. But on this one I'm doing what I think makes a professional looking job. And it's taking the time. But I love how it's turning out and my client loves it too. (Whew! so glad she does).
I am grateful you come and check our work out every now and then.  I am loving the journey here,  even if life takes over every now and then.    That's what it's all for and the important, friends, love, and helping each other.

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