Saturday, June 25, 2011

The "BOOK" Lamp

I have been using modge podge since I was young.  We came up with this idea as we saw so many people use it  in such creative ways to transform simple things for the home.  The pages used were actually from an old dictionary I carried around in high school.  The cover was long gone and the pages well aged (no I'm not going to admit how old I am).
The Lamp Measures 21.5" tall.  The barrel lamp shade is done all in black.

We are asking: $20
Contact us at:

Scroll down to see the small desk and dresser we have offered.
We can only deal in the Phoenix area.  We are located in the East Valley.  Cash only.

The Desk is ready!

When I found this desk, I just loved how small and compact it was.  It was not assembled, but I could see it's possibilities.  After sanding, painting, finishing and putting it together, I learned that I am not a good judge at height.  This desk is shorter than I thought but would be great in a child's room.  It has a small drawer on top for supplies with two cubbies on each side and a pencil holder across the front.  Another drawer is located under the writing surface and is quite deep.  We added a fun decorative liner to both drawers. Come take a look.  We hope you like it.
Asking:    $50.00
Measurements are:
30" to top; 26.5" to writing surface
28.5" wide
21" deep
We are offering these projects to help my daughter finance her semester abroad this fall.  We appreciate your support and will try our best to give you a good value for your money.  Please contact us at: for more information or any questions.

Please scroll down and see our Dresser/Sideboard.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Coming Soon!

First, Thank you so much to everyone that has come to check out our blog.  This is so much fun.  We know we won't be a big blog, because that is not our goal, but we are enjoying learning about the process.  We will be keeping it simple here, but hope you still enjoy keep up with what we are doing.

Our next project is almost ready.  We are working on a small desk.  We have done several desks in the past but this one is small and just right to fit in that empty space you have.  It has two drawers that are lined with the cutest paper and new pulls.  We found some old boy scout badges tucked away in it as we were cleaning it out.  we know the desk had been in storage for over 10 years.  Sometimes it's fun to know a little back ground of a piece.  We hope to have it posted by Monday. 

Also we have a unique lamp coming up too. If you like the old "book" look you may just love this.  We will have the lamp posted by Monday also.

Let us know what you think.  We invite you to comment and ask questions.  Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our First Project is Ready

We are so excited to have our first piece ready to go.  We have several other pieces in different stages of readiness but couldn't wait to try out the waters.  We are working at getting better pictures too. :)  We hope you enjoy our work. 

Dresser with Mirror
Dresser details
Mirror details
Dresser without Mirror
This three drawer dresser has been so fun to work on.  It is a creamy white with light distressing and just enough dark glaze.  The top has a walnut stain and the whole dresser has a hand buffed wax finish.  Mirror attaches to the dresser. But we will sell separately if you only want one piece.  Original hardware and rollers.  The unique details of this dresser add so much character to this piece. 

Manufactured by The JL Hudson Co.

Dresser Measures:
 36” tall without rollers and mirror
48” Wide
22.5” Deep

Mirror Measures:
36” tall
48” wide at the base 

Dresser with Mirror Price is: $325