Friday, June 24, 2011

Coming Soon!

First, Thank you so much to everyone that has come to check out our blog.  This is so much fun.  We know we won't be a big blog, because that is not our goal, but we are enjoying learning about the process.  We will be keeping it simple here, but hope you still enjoy keep up with what we are doing.

Our next project is almost ready.  We are working on a small desk.  We have done several desks in the past but this one is small and just right to fit in that empty space you have.  It has two drawers that are lined with the cutest paper and new pulls.  We found some old boy scout badges tucked away in it as we were cleaning it out.  we know the desk had been in storage for over 10 years.  Sometimes it's fun to know a little back ground of a piece.  We hope to have it posted by Monday. 

Also we have a unique lamp coming up too. If you like the old "book" look you may just love this.  We will have the lamp posted by Monday also.

Let us know what you think.  We invite you to comment and ask questions.  Have a great weekend.

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